Sunday, July 24, 2011

Toddy Iced Coffee with Sweet Cream

I can't really describe how much I love coffee.....iced coffee specifically. Once I had my first cup of coffee on ice I couldn't really go back to the hot stuff. Then ,while living in New Orleans, I learned how to make it right. The secret is to brew your coffee with cold water and not hot which removes any of the acid taste. There are a few different ways to do this, and I am lucky to have the easy way. I use a little contraption called a Toddy Maker.

Basically you have a bowl, filter, cork and storage container. First you place the cork in the bottom of the bowl and the filter in the hole.

Then, place a whole bag of coffee (I prefer Starbucks Espresso Roast because you want something bold and smooth) in the Toddy Maker and fill with cold tap water.

Let it sit for 12 hours or more. I kinda forgot about this batch and it sat for 17 hours and it's just fine....maybe better! Pull the cork to let the concentrate run through the filter. I've heard that you can actually use the same grounds and let it sit another 12 hours and it's just like the first batch. I'm trying it right now, so we'll see. If it's not as strong maybe I can use it for making ice cubes to go in my drinks....ya know, because you can never have TOO much coffee!!!

Fill a glass with ice and about 1/4 of the way with your coffee concentrate.

Now here is where we make it deliciously creamy. I used to just fill the rest of the way with skim milk, but it was missing something. Last month I found this recipe for Sweet Cream. It's so easy to make. You mix one 12oz can of sweetened condensed milk and one 14oz can of evaporated milk.

That's it. Make sure you store it in something that you can stir easily with a spoon because if you don't stir occasionally the sweet milk will sit on the bottom after a couple of days. I fill my cup to the half way mark with the sweet cream and then the rest of the way with milk.

Rest your yummy iced coffee on your fancy mug rug and ENJOY!!!

You can find the Toddy Maker online, but my Williams-Sonoma now carries it!!! I think its $34. Totally worth it if you spend $5 a cup a Starbucks. can follow the Pioneer Woman way of steeping the coffee found HERE.

Check out the online shop my friends and I have called Running With Scissors. You can purchase some of the items we make including a few mug rugs :)



  1. I found your blog at Skip to my lou. I'm a new follower.I love love iced coffee! I've never seen a toddy maker before. That's such a good idea. I tryed PW recipe for her coffee and thought it was wonderful. I'll have to try out your cream idea. Great blog and super photos. You can visit me and follow me too if ya like.

  2. Ack! I need that. I'm seeing a Williams Sonoma visit in my near future. After a couple of days in the fridge, my version started tasting a little bitter. No good.

  3. Love your Blog!!! I am visiting from Skip to my Lou. I am your newest follower! ;)

  4. These mug rugs are adorable!

  5. Hi! What did you find with re-using the grounds?

  6. also wondering how you made out with re-using the grounds?

    1. I found that I can use them to make ice cubes (hate when my coffee gets watered down!) but they are too weak to be used alone. Thanks for stopping by!