Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What's Old Is New Again

So I ordered a dress off Downeast Basics (love their clothes) a long time ago and when it arrived I wasn't totally in love. Not really what was shown on the website.... It was a beige color that just got lost in my skin tone.

No belt or jewelry could make me feel better about it. Well, instead of letting it sit in my closet for the next five years I decided to try something to salvage it. I dyed it red!!!

I was going for coral so I used half the bottle of dye and only let it sit for about 5 minutes instead of 30-60. I LOVE the result and the way the belt pops now. And it's a color I would probably never be drawn to in the store so now I have some diversity in my closet. This picture isn't really doing it justice either....it's really pretty in person.

Speaking of makeovers....I'm upholstering my TOMS!!!!

DIY Fabric Covered Toms

I first saw the image in Pinterest HERE. She also sells them on Etsy HERE. And if you remember a few months back I showed you the unfortunate little hole in the toe mine had. This is the perfect way to get some more miles out of the most comfortable shoes ever. If anyone is interested I can do a little tutorial while I finish the other one.


  1. I love, love, love the dress now. A fantastic way to salvage them comfortable shoes Krista! Great crafting!!

  2. oh my goodness, LOVE the dress update, I had to flip up and down I couldn't believe how much better it looks! I've been really curious about using the RIT (I'm assuming?) because I've seen so many cute make-overs now, but does it all wash out of the machine with the initial garment you're doing? I'm afraid to ruin whatever load I do next...

    on the TOMS, yes, yes, yes, please do a tute! yours look like they're going to be so cute, and I'm thinking about doing mine with some scissor fabric to wear at the fall shows we're doing, since they're still a little too tight to wear very often anyway :/

    great post! :]

  3. Cute dress update and thanks for sharing the link on the TOMS! I have two pairs with holes in various places and this is just what I needed!

  4. Love the coral - and the Toms are awesome!

  5. Could you hook me up with a tutorial on the TOMS? My brother asked if I could fix his that have a hole in the toe and I agreed but have no idea where to start!

  6. could you do the tom tutorial! :)

  7. Should have Updated this post!!! Search my site for DIY Fabric covered TOMS for the tutorial :) it came a couple of days after this post