Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dating, decorating and discipline

Finally, after living here in Louisville since March, we have a babysitter!!!!! It's so hard to trust someone with your child, but we have found her!!! Demi was in love from the second they met, even going to her before me. That's saying a lot because I have always been number one :) Anyway, we went to a fancy dinner and ate outside without having to occupy a little one. We just sat, and sat and sat.....it was LOVELY!

We're hoping to have her come sit while we go to Ikea so that we can update Demi's room to a toddler room! It's scary, but I want her to have a room that is all hers that she loves.

I want to get the black Minnen Ikea Bed

Expedit shelves for storage and toys

(wondering if the black bed and white shelves will look ok together......)

Ribba picture ledges for books

And hopefully make these curtains

Of course I've been sewing, lol. Here's what I've been up to this week.

Pinafore and Ruffle Pants

Mary Jane Booties(these make me want another girl asap!)

Plus Pillow for my husband

Name Pillow with verse. I love this pillow so much. I made this one, but if you'd like to order one from Etsy check out the shop The Joy Cottage.

We're going through a rough stage with Demi right now. She's throwing major tantrums when she doesn't get her way. We are basically ignoring it or offering her something else, but when we are in public it's soooo much worse. She can go from this little sweetie:

To this spoiled baby in two seconds flat!!!

I remember when I was growing up and I saw someone letting their kid throw a tantrum, I would think to myself "Just spank them and they'll listen!!!!" but being a mommy changes you. It's not easy to spank and not something I want to resort to. I love her and she has the most pitiful sad face you've ever seen. Let's just hope she grows out of it very soon!!!

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  1. Hi I saw your post on Pinterest for the curtains. Do you remember where you saw them? I would love to purchase them, but I'm stuck making them at this point. :) Thanks! shirleyhale21(at)hotmail(dot)com