Friday, April 1, 2011

I love free art

One of the girls from one of the many blogs I read, designed and posted this lovely artwork. It's a free download, isn't that sweet? Here it is nicely framed in our dining room. Bright and cheery :)

For now I am leaving the chair as is....even though it matches the wall color a little more than I'd like. There is sooooo much paint on it and when I wiped it down I really liked it as is.

So I really want to make a place to hold all of Demi's books. Someplace she can still see them, but where I don't have to face death nearly every day from slipping on piles of them. Of course, both options are from Ikea. The first is actually a spice rack. You can see how someone used them as book racks HERE. It's only $3.99. The second is a picture ledge. It's $9.99. I think I'm going with the first option.


  1. I think the first one is much more practical in the sense that it will hold them better. Fantastic,and I love the picture and I love the chair! It could have been painted Depression Green like mine! That chair, if it could talk, has so many years of stories. I wish I had gotten the story of mine, but I didn't and now the story teller is in Heaven!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your framed print! Love it!!

  3. I agree, the first one seems easier for little hands to get the books to stay put, but the second one would be cool for grown up knick knacks!