Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Can I borrow that?

As you know I made Demi a dress for her birthday with a fabulous bow around the middle. It was perfect for that day...but in my opinion, that day only. I decided to remove the bow and make the dress a little more casual so she can wear it anywhere. I can't let all that lovely Amy Butler material go to waste so I decided to turn it into something else. First thing that came to mind was an apron. I hunted my stash for a piece large enough and whipped up this cutie.

I love the spring colors! Speaking of kitchen garden has sprung!!!

I love how the sprouts push up so forceful that dirt spills over the edge. Of course I can't remember what the heck they are, but they sure look pretty. And yes, the guy on the end is a little slow.

Hopefully this week we are going to be joining the Louisville Athletic Club! The Insanity is going well, but Demi really really needs to have some playtime somewhere besides our living room. And she LOVES to see other kids. There is a free trial period just in case we have another YMCA disaster. (She wouldn't stay in the nursery there.....they came and got me off my machine after 5 minutes) Check out the playroom!!!

A toddler's dream. And they have ton's of spinning classes, which I love.

My teething monster....hearing a lot of good things about the teething tablets, trying them today!

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