Thursday, March 10, 2011

My girl is one!

Surprise, surprise....I'm BLOWN AWAY that my little girl is one! We celebrated with family last Saturday and had so much fun!
I adored making this dress. It's Leila and Ben's Sweet Little Dress Pattern (which is super easy for beginners and really forgiving in size since it's all elastic) I added a bow that can tie in the front or back. It was a lot of fun to add my own element to someone's pattern.

I loved the look of these mason jars with her pictures in them.

That is her onesie from the hospital surrounded by pictures from this whole year.

Little cake topper that made me happy :)

Sadly I didn't get to have my picture taken with the Birthday girl which really breaks my heart. I have to remember that with the new camera.....

Some things about my toddler:
She LOVES to dance. She will dance to the sound of anything! Microwave, running water, anything....
There is not a food she won't eat. She loves it all and would eat all day if I let her. I guess I'm lucky not to have a picky eater, but let me tell you I get sick of changing diapers if ya know what I mean.
She prefers males. I took her to the mall today and she was holding her arms up at the cute little old mall walkers. Only the men though, she seemed frightened of the ladies.
Her favorite saying is "Uh Oh" except she can't quite get the "oh" out so she just repeats "uh" "uh" "uh"'s pretty cute.
Blankets are her favorite toy! I will pretend like I'm folding a blanket and she will run over to me all raging bull like and attack it and then bury her face into it. Lucky me, guess I'll have to make a big ol pile of quilts ;)

I'm starting to get really excited about moving this weekend. Nervous about people coming to pack up my stuff, but excited for a fresh start and to be home every night with my husband. We have been living away from each other for over two months now. Not fun! I definitely have decorating on my mind and can't wait to show you some stuff I have planned.
So if I don't update for a while it's because I'm knee deep in unloading boxes!


  1. Oh my gosh! Adorable dress!! Looks fabulous! I also adore the cake picture. How sweet!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    The dresses are not patterns, but the fabric, I found out, is Heather Bailey.
    I am just kind of figuring out as I go along. Will post pictures when I am done.

    I have almost the same dress pattern as you have here, but from HeidiandFinn.
    Cute little party you had.