Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thrift store finds and tidbits

This week's thift store find is the mac daddy of all finds. I got a Braun MP80 Juicer in PERFECT condition for $3.99!!! I found it on amazon for approx. $85. I'm pretty sure it was so cheap because no one knew what it was, lol.

The basket was completely free from pulp and it even had the juicer cup with froth filter. I am in love! Sad news is there is no fruit or veggies in the house to juice. Guess this thing was more needed than I thought! I did have a few grapes and tried them. Worked like a charm. Hopefully I can load up on the good stuff today, but planning Demi's first birthday party is taking up all of my time. I am sooooo behind. I did manage to get her dress done last night and it is ADORABLE!!! I used Leila and Ben's sweet dress pattern and fancied it up a bit with a tie around the middle. I'll post pics after her party this Saturday.

Demi's fabrics are still a no show so I'm tugging away at my nine-patch quilt made with only scraps. Going to take a while to get 70 blocks done, but it will be well worth it. Check out a finished quilt.

(Crazy Mom Quilts 9 Patch Quilt Along)

And, just because she is a cutie here's Demi in the tub and at the park this week. I can't explain how much I care for the little girl. She is my world!


  1. Love the nine patch quilt made with all different colors! I've only done one with all matching blocks. But I really love all the blocks having their own theme. What a great way to use some scraps!

  2. GET OUT! A Braun Juicer for $3.99. Trying to contain my jealousy.

  3. Great find! Speaking of find ~ I found your blog by Googling "Braun MP80" juicer and simply looking at the images vs. websites. I always wonder if my blog is found in Google searches, so I wanted you to know yours is! I acquired my Braun Juicer from my mom who didn't want it any longer :) I use my juicer a lot. Here's the crazy thing ~ my husband was born and raised in Springfield!! Too funny!