Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cupcake Stand Mini Tutorial

I don't know why, but I love cupcake stands!!! I never really found one that I liked that didn't cost upwards of $25. Then around Valentine's Day I found one at Target that was really cute and only cost $9.99. Good price, but it was red and covered in hearts so I could only use it for that holiday. Upon further inspection I noticed that all the pieces could be dis-assembled and the plates could be swapped out. And Target has the perfect size plates for every occasion. Now I can have a brand new cupcake stand each holiday for $1.99 for the base plate, and $1.79 for the smaller plate. All you have to do is find the middle of the plate and drill a hole very slowly from the back. Awesome!!!! Now I need a really good cupcake and icing recipe!!!

Bet you can't guess how old these flower are?

2.5 weeks!!!!!! How is that possible??? Freak of nature flowers I suppose



  1. I love it Krista!! How thrifty you are. The easter plate is very cute. Once you use a drill, you never go back. LOL

  2. I hope they still have them coz I'd like to have one.

  3. neato! I want to see if I can find a twist apart one somewhere too, I'd love to put bowls in instead of plates if that's even possible... :)

  4. Bowls are a fantastic idea!!!! I went to Target and they had a stand, but it was little nicer and harder to take apart. I'll keep my eyes peeled for you ladies :)