Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just needed to make something pretty.....

This past week has been pretty rough around here. Don't want to get too personal and bring the blog down, but I'm feeling a little out of sorts. We've had a lot of bad news this week. And packing up and moving again after doing it just six months ago is no fun. Don't get me wrong, I am SUPER happy we are moving back home, but I still feel kind of lost right now. Especially since we are not locked into a place back home yet. But the one constant thing in my life (besides my amazing family) is sewing. It just makes me feel better....I can't really explain it.

So anyway, I stitched up this little hot pad this morning.

It's called a Maverick Star. I love the vintage look and the rounded corners sort of soften all the points. My binding is a hot mess though!!! I don't think I will ever get better at that :)

Visual of how I feel this week....messy, ready for fall and looking ahead to brighter better things

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