Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I fibbed

Ok...so apparently I can't go a day without crafting!!! While cleaning/packing my my craft room I found some long strips of fabric that I knew would be perfect for this headband.

It was super easy to make but I have some suggestions. I'd use a dark, a light, and a bright for the fabric. If not the colors kind of blend and you can't tell that it's braided.

Also, I would use strips a little longer than 18 inches. Somehow mine shrank up a lot and I didn't get the full 15 inches at the end. She doesn't specify width so I used a little over an inch wide.Very cute and comfy though!!!!

Don't mind the messy hair and no make up......packing and cleaning, remember?


  1. hah! love this as well. I so wish stretchy headbands would stay put on my head, I would wear things like this all the time :/ Anyway, looks cute with hair up or down, that's always nice!