Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Toddler Backpack

This is the ever so popular Toddler Backpack by Made By Rae
It definitely should have been an easy sew for me, but I decided to get complicated. I used home dec. weight, interfacing and CANVAS lining!!! Needless to say I broke two needles sewing this. But the outcome is so lovely! I wasn't sure if it would fit her, but it's perfect for now and to grow into.

Also, when we get back from Springfield this weekend I'll do a tutorial for the skirt since some interest was shown. It's so easy!!! Have a great weekend!!


  1. your backpack is adorable!!! i want to make one of these for my 18 month old daughter, and was looking at all the made by are backpack images on google, and yours stood out the most!! i think i might cave in and buy the pattern, i was trying to find a free one, but i'm not seeing any cute ones like this. how much fabric did it need? do you feel like it was worth purchasing the pattern, rather than trying to make it up? thanks!

  2. Did you make any alterations to the pattern (aside from the heavy-weight fabric)? This turned out great! I'm also very tempted to buy the pattern now.