Sunday, June 12, 2011

Freezer Jam and randoms

When I was younger it seemed as though we always had strawberry freezer jam around. I LOVED, I mean LOVED it!!! I liked mine simple, on toast with butter. Recently I acquired a jar and boy did it bring back memories. I decided it was time I made my own. I cannot believe how simple it is!!! Chop and crush strawberries, add sugar and pectin, sit for 30 minutes and your done!

While picking up my pectin these little jars caught my eye. Cute, huh?

Random Time!!!

Here is the latest quilt I've been working on. It's called a Plus Quilt. The fabric is Innocent Crush by Anna Marie Horner. I have been obsessed with it for quite some time.

(you can see a peek at the quilt I've been working on forever hanging on the wall)

Oh....and I call this next picture "keeping it real" This is my sewing room after a two day sewing spree. It's ridiculous...I know!!!! But when you have a toddler you do what you can during nap time and save the clean up for later. I'll have to post a picture when it's clean because I really love this space.

These are pictures of Demi making her "barking" face. It's more like a "whoo whoo, whoo whoo" cute :)

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