Friday, April 8, 2011

Purse Turned Camera Bag

Since I've had my DSLR and extra lens I've found it very difficult to actually carry my camera with me. This results in many missed photo ops.My camera came with a nice camera bag, but it just wasn't me. Black, boxy and bulky. And I didn't want to carry a bag,purse and diaper bag. You can buy really beautiful ones from Jo Totes and Epiphanie, but they are sooo expensive. And I didn't really love the styles, definitely not enough to drop that kind of cash on one.

Jo Totes $89 + shipping = $102.95

Epiphanie $167 + shipping = $179.18

Hmmm....what to do??? Well make my own of course!!!! I found an excellent tutorial at Tatortots and Jello.
I went to TJ Maxx on the search for a good bag to make over. I found one that I loved! And it was only $20.

Then it was off to Joanns. I got headliner fabric($4), plastic canvas sheet(.99), Velcro($4.50 I had some I could have used but it was brown and I wanted black), and some E6000 glue($4.50)

I used the bottom insert and dividers from the camera bag I already had. I could have made pretty ones, and maybe eventually I will. But right now I just want a bag that functions :)

So here is what I did. I opened the bottom of the bag with a seam ripper and inserted the bottom piece(above). Then I wrapped the plastic canvas in the headliner and sewed together. I inserted it into the sides of the bag through the hole. Sew the hole up and attach the velcro with glue.

Here she is!!! And I love love love it!

Total Cost: $34
And I could have saved a little bit not buying the velcro making it just under $30!!!! What a steal :)


  1. Very cool! and very thrifty! You will be able to use that as your purse and camera bag together, and then just carry a diaper bag?