Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Well this just made my day!

Last summer I used a tutorial on The Cottage Home to make a bonnet for Demi and today she featured it on her website under "Talented Tuesday"! It's very inspiring to have someone call you talented, creative and artistic.

In other crafty news, I'm working on a picnic blanket using only materials that I already have on hand. I've used a ton of scraps of fabric that I know I am not really going to use. I took the batting out of a comforter that Jon and I hate. It was kind of tedious because I had to rip out all of the quilting, but it wasn't made very well which benefited me, haha. And for the back I am using a sheet that I got at Goodwill yesterday for $1.99. The tutorial I am going to use (here) will be modified a bit. I'm using 8 inch squares instead of 16. And my mom had a great idea of adding a zippered pouch to the backing to store keys and phones. Ties will be sewn in as well. The top is all done, just need to figure out how to add that pouch. Google, here I come!

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  1. What a small world! I found your blog through your friend who writes the E.D.A. blog. I was looking through your posts on google reader today and saw the picture of the adorable bonnet you made. I bought that bonnet last summer at the Farmer's market. I love it and I even made a few more for my daughter.