Friday, January 21, 2011

Picnic blanket from.....

Finished my picnic blanket last night. Let me tell ya, there are more flaws on this thing than I would like to admit. The zipper has a good side, and then an evil twin side!

I think it will come in handy when we are at the park playing. We can stash our phones and keys in there without too much of a worry. When deciding to use my excess sheet material for the pocket I accidentally grabbed my backing piece and cut a huge square out of it.

No biggie, just pieced some fabric on it, I kind of like the look :) I made the rock pockets out of a pair of Jon's old khakis and I really like the weight they added. Now all this snow needed to melt so we can use this puppy!!!!

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by and signing up for pay it forward! Let me know when you post it up and i'll get your address from you :)
    And I love that pocket. What a great idea. Perfect for any outing.