Thursday, October 20, 2011

Boo on a budget

I think I am with the majority when I say that I don't really decorate for Halloween. That was until this year! It all started when I saw this image that Nordstroms has posted in their stores.

It's so true. I've been finding myself day dreaming about Christmas already. So to help me get in the mood for the current holiday I did some searching, printing, painting and sewing. AND I only wanted to spend the little bit of cash I had on me, which was $6.

There are tons of free printables on Pinterest, and that's where I got all the ones you will see pictured below.

I added a burlap table runner to add some texture to the entry table.

I changed our normal family picture to a Zombie family picture courtesy of

My favorite item has to be the zig zag pillow. I spent $2 for the orange and $1 for the black. All other materials were on hand. The lighted pumpkin is just a wicker-ish pumpkin with Christmas lights stuffed inside. (What can I add to the bottom of the crate?)

The bats are really fun! And more fun at night. Pack of black paper was $1.50 and you can find the template HERE.

The spooky banner was made with materials I had on hand, but I spent 70c. on the orange paint for the clips.

For the flying witch I just googled "witch silhouette" and she popped up. I trimmed and hung on the inside of the window with tape.

So those are my virtually free Halloween decorating ideas. Let me know if you have more!!!!


  1. Gah I LOVE that pillow! Very cute ideas, especially the zombiefied picture of you guys!
    I am on the fence about the Nordstroms sign. Not that I don't agree with them, but when exactly will the employees have to do the switchover??? Sometime on Thanksgiving, no? :/

  2. I love the mantle decor and the pillow is my favorite! You should do a tutorial! How festive and fun for Demi!

  3. Good point!!! Didn't think about the poor employees! That Friday is Black Friday so I'm sure so many people will be there Thursday night decorating :(
    For the pillow I used the same pattern from the zig zag quilt I made and did a quilt binding around the edges :)