Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cafe Curtains and Accessories

It's funny how accomplished I felt after making these curtains. There are much harder projects I've tackled but for some reason these made me feel so proud. I mean, they are only cafe curtains so all I did was hem all the way around.

Anyone who knows me knows that these are my colors too. I found this heavy fabric at Joanns. It's called "Button Bloom" from Waverly. Perfect name if I so say :) After making the curtains I realized I could have gotten away with only one yard and not that extra half, so of course I put it to good use.

I made a double pot holder and a hanging towel to match. I probably shouldn't have used white because I'm terrified of getting it dirty, lol.

So this was another very budget friendly project because I had a coupon for everything I used. Fabric, bias tape and insulbright totaled about $20. And now our kitchen is more me and less country! Tomorrow I'll show you the DIY VERY cheap sign I made to go above the sink.


  1. they look great and i love that fabric!!

  2. Cute! Did you paint the kitchen that color or was it already? I love the colors!

  3. You have inspired me to make some curtains for mine now!! I would love to have the pattern for the oven mitt. Those colors really do go so well together. Fantastic Crafting! :)

  4. Can you move to Texas, be my friend, and teach me how to make all this awesome stuff!! Haha!

    I'm loving your blog :)

  5. Homemaker curtains are a fantastic addition to our wonderful ready made curtain range.