Monday, May 16, 2011

A Yard Sailing We Will Go!!

So this weekend kicked off yard sale season, my favorite season!!! I scored a few fabulous things and I barely broke a twenty.

This wagon was a steal!!! $10.00!!! There was a swarm of people headed to it as soon as she pulled it out. Needless to say my go-go gadget arms came in handy :):)

Also got a bread machine that had never even been used for $5. But...I can't seem to find a manual online anywhere, and I am Queen of finding stuff online :( Might just have to wing it with a few different recipes.

Got a trifle bowl for $2. Want to make this Snicker Trifle Recipe from La Buena Vida

And this coffee mug tree turned scissor tree was $1.

Oh, and this little playset I scored for FREE! Someone was tossing it and I knocked on the door like a crazy person and asked if we could have it. Of course they obliged.

This morning during nap time I whipped up a little project for Demi. She LOVES tents and has a princess one in the playroom downstairs, but I'm hoping this one will keep her busy upstairs while I'm doing my thing :) Tutorial is from HERE.

I've also been doing a little gardening. This is my first ever flower garden and I am in love. I've been caught gazing intently at my hard work by my husband a few times.

Sorry so random....I'm good a random :)


  1. This doesn't even seem random to me, love this post! haha
    go-go-gadget arms thing cracked me up, I was trying to imagine the scene. I wish we could go yard sale/thrifting/antiquing together. I think we would be a great team, and cover the spaces in half the time!Or take twice as long, but have fun anyway!
    Maybe we could plan something eventually, after you've scoped out the good spots... I'd like to see louisville like a local ;)
    And I miss you, hahah

    Anyway, that triffle bowl is beautiful, the scissor tree is ingenious, Demi is way too cute, and so are her outfits (I'm really happy for you that you're getting all these beautiful shots of her, that camera is worth its weight in gold it looks like!), and the tent is AWESOME!!!

    keep posting! :)

  2. Glad you liked my post :):):)
    I would LOVE to get together and yard sale/thrift with you! Lets plan something when the weather gets warmer. You can stay here and we can thrift and go out to dinner. I miss you too!
    And yes, I feel so so lucky to have my camera. I would love to see what you could do with one of those bad boys too ;)

  3. krista! it looks so good! did you have any trouble? someone told me they made it, but used hard canvas and it was sagging. i told her i didn't have that problem at all, but just make sure that the elastic was tightly woven around the bottom and didn't ride up (hers did). i also told her maybe it was the heavy fabric as i just used a bed sheet.

    thank you for sharing your creation! it is soo lovely!

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