Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

We had such a great weekend. Don't have much to say about it, so here are some pictures :)

I made my own yogurt and it was AMAZING! And easy. All you do is heat milk, add a few tbs. of yogurt starter and incubate for 8 hours. I used a heating blanket and worked great.

Then it was onto homemade granola. Also very easy and yummy. I browsed through a few recipes and kinda made my own.

(This looks like an ad for Walmart! But hey, we all know they have the best prices)

Homemade Granola

2 Cups Oats
1 tsp. Cinnamon
1 tsp. Salt
3 Tbs + 1 tsp. Vegetable Oil
1/4 Cup Honey
1/4 Cup Brown Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla
1/3 Cup of Almonds and Cherries (Or whatever nuts and fruits you prefer)

Heat oven to 325. Whisk together Honey, Veg Oil, Brown Sugar and vanilla.

Combine Oats, salt and cinnamon in a large bowl. Add the honey mix to the oat mix using your hands.

Place on a parchment paper lined baking sheet. I didn't have any, but it would've made it a lot easier.

Bake for 10 mins. Remove, flip and add nuts. Bake for 5 mins. Remove and flip. Bake for a final 10 mins.

Clean up the huge mess you made ;)

Let cool and add fruit.

Add to your fresh yogurt with a little honey. It was heaven!

I also made my second ever loaf of homemade bread. A better effort than the first time, but I killed my yeast right off the bat. It was still pretty good and I got rid of some aggression via kneading the dough.

We enjoyed it with some cheese, oils, and wine. Typical Saturday night dinner.

Gotta have dessert, right? I think so! I made these easy blondies, which are basically a white version of the brownie.

Sunday we ventured into.......

My loves....


  1. Oh Krista that camera is fantastic. And you have the eye for photography. You are in your element right now. Great picture post. Love pics to show everything off. I love that you have creative time to be what you want. Looks like Louisville is treating you guys great. I just got out my little oil bowls yesterday. I have a loaf of whole grain and I halved it and put one half in the freezer. Have to eat the other half. Congrats on the yogurt and granola!!!

  2. I have been wanting to make my own granola! Your bread looks great too.

  3. Thank you! And this will definitely be my go to granola recipe. Maybe make some substitutes for the Veg Oil